Altea, a beautiful town surrounded by mountains and near the sea-shore, is a peaceful combination of tradition and modernity. A historical town, once inhabited by Iberians, Romans, Greeks and Muslims, which has moved on with the times to become one of the most comfortably cosmopolitan areas in the Mediterranean. 
Home of creative artists, sculptors, pottery makers and musicians, Altea is "the town with charm" par excellence, where minimalist residential tourism predominates.

It has an astonishingly charming old town, with its white houses, its narrow cobblestoned streets, its hillside belvederes.  Prestigious restaurants share the streets with art galleries, handicraft fairs and festivals of music, dance and theatre.

Its warm pebbled beaches bathed by the Mediterranean, its river and its surrounding Mountains make Altea an ideal place to enjoy nature, to practise all kinds of water sports, to watch birds and sea animals, to go trekking or climbing. In a nutshell, a beautiful spot to enjoy the pleasures of life.